Zayan Profile 2.jpg

zayan Faiyad

University: Harvard University
Major: Economics
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

Biography: I am a sophomore at Harvard University concentrating in Economics. I was born and raised in a quiet locale in Dhaka, Bangladesh, so moving to the bustling melting pot of Cambridge was quite an adventure! Although I was drawn to Economics because of the combination of the quantitative and the qualitative that together explain the intricacies of international macroeconomics, I have found my passion in behavioral economics, exploring questions of choice, circumstances and human rationality.

As a proud first-generation college student, I enjoy working for the board of the Harvard First Generation Student Union, through which I was able to meet many inspiring peers who have defined a narrative of passion, merit and resilience for me. I am always eager to learn about different cultures and traditions and discover how individuals are shaped by cultural experiences, so I try to remain active in various cultural organizations across campus.

Although some part of me has always wanted to go into entrepreneurship, it wasn’t until recently that I actually took a step in that direction. Having a latent family background in agriculture has fueled my desire to seek stronger interventions on the supply side of the agri-field, which led me to co-found a venture, ‘AgriCOOP’. And dare I say, it has been one of the most educational and transformative experiences of life!

Following graduation, I hope to gain a few years of work experience before attending business school to consolidate my knowledge of organizational behavior and leadership. My ultimate goal is to establish a collaborative network for innovation. As an ardent believer in developing human capital through social innovation, I aim to contribute to global development through an amalgamation of public policy, entrepreneurship and activism.