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zakaria shafi

University: London School of Economics
Major: Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Languages: Arabic, Urdu
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Biography: My name is Zakaria Shafi, and I am a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at the London School of Economics. 

Ever since I was first told “you can’t do it,” a drive to succeed manifested itself. I pushed past every barrier and expectation set upon me and established my first company at the age of 13; entrepreneurialism and social enterprise was my response - “yes I can.” I was later awarded a Guinness World Record certificate for my work surrounding diversity and the unition of a range of talents. 

Following this success, I founded Cloud Tuition, a company based on the principle value of altruism. Attempting to reduce inequality in access to education, I founded a company which provides everyone opportunities regardless of their humble origins or family circumstances. It has since flourished in the UK and I now look to spread it globally, allowing students across the world to benefit. This fuels my desire to learn more about the world and achieve positions of leadership.  

My experiences have led me into a range of internships and work placements with firms including Deutsche Bank, Rothschild, Royal Bank of Canada and McKinsey&Co, all of which are leading me into a call for action career. A career which doesn’t take “no” for an answer, pushing me above and beyond. This drive has led me into debates with the likes of Rt. Nick Clegg, Rt. Barry Gardiner and many other British Members of Parliament. 

The desire to strive for change has led me to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics, as I believe, to truly influence the world, we must first understand it.