Xilin is pictured drafting a resolution at PKUNMUN, a Model UN conference held by Peking University

Xilin is pictured drafting a resolution at PKUNMUN, a Model UN conference held by Peking University

xilin chen

University: New York University Shanghai
Major: Undecided
Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Shanghai Chinese
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Biography: My name is Xilin Chen, an upcoming sophomore majoring in Business and Finance and Data Science at New York University Shanghai.

I was born in Shanghai 20 years ago and lived in this city for most of my life. I live in a street where an affluent neighborhood and a previously economically-marginalized one converge. Although the gap has become narrower during the past 20 years, the childhood memory of the contrast between them motivates my commitment to the cause of bridging the gap between different socioeconomic statuses.

As an enthusiastic learner, I have multifarious academic interests in economics, social science, international relations and public policy as solutions to social inequality. Attending NYU Shanghai granted me access to a world of more diversity, expanding my perspectives and enabling me to explore beyond the habitual ideas. It encourages me to change the focus of my route toward business, technology, and education.

I am now focusing my education on finance, entrepreneurship, and data science-driven business/social services, and expect to design scalable solutions to uneven development caused by institutional voids based on social enterprise(s) in the future. It might seem to be a wild dream, but I would like to do it step by step. In the future, I would like to dedicate myself to risk-management and financial services for better economies, joining financiers dedicated to a better social impact in the nearer future.

Besides, I hope that education can let everyone hear and be heard. As initiate Polling Director in NYU Shanghai Student Government, I launch “polling+” trails to promote community construction and operation excellence. I am also dedicated to Model United Nations events as global perspectives education, work actively with organizers and schools, and by now I have cumulatively guided over 1000 secondary students nationwide via MUN. I am the Vice Director-General of FDUIMUN, one of the largest and most influential national MUN conferences in China.