Vianney brandicourt

cofounder at Joinery

Vianney Brandicourt is the co-founder of Joinery, a startup whose mission is to make moving in large cities more affordable, fair, and community-driven. He is passionate about providing rent-burdened New Yorkers with a sensible, social alternative to needing a broker to find one’s next home.

He started his career at Google in Paris, where he quickly fell in love with data science and the ability to turn millions of user-generated data points into actionable product insights. Vianney joined Spotify in New York as the first product analyst, where he was instrumental in building new, data-driven features for a better music discovery experience. At Foursquare, he was also hired as the first product analyst, where he designed A/B tests, defined the company’s quantitative goals, and helped build the analytics team.

Vianney earned a BA in Economics and Political-Science at Columbia University, followed by an MA in Economics from Sciences-Po in Paris.