trey wang

University: New York University Abu Dhabi
Major: Undecided
Minor: Anthropology
Languages: Chinese, Italian
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Biography: I was born and raised in China. Because my parents had to forgo their educational opportunities, they worked countless hours to support my schooling in the States. Now attending college in Abu Dhabi, I found an area of study that truly excites me: anthropology.

My INFP personality makes me want to ensure that everyone is included. In high school, I founded an annual mental Health conference for local teens in order to create access to self-care knowledge. I worked with Woodenfish Foundation to coordinate conferences on Buddhism, mindfulness, and technology. After joining NYUAD, I began tutoring children with cerebral palsy and co-leading the Special Olympics volunteer ambassador team. Wanting to thank the people who make campus feel like home, I lead the team to organize Appreciation Day for migrant workers. These experiences are strengthening my understanding of human interactions and culture. Upon graduation, I hope to use anthropology as an instrument for social advocacy and pursue a degree in psychiatry.