Tolu sightseeing during his summer internship in India

Tolu sightseeing during his summer internship in India

tolulope lawal

University: Brown University
Major: Entrepreneurship – Biotechnology  
Languages: Yoruba, English, Spanish (basic)
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Biography: As a first generation Nigerian immigrant, and a first generation college student, my personal journey brings a diverse perspective to my work and I am motivated to inspire individuals facing the challenges I have overcome. I realized at an early age that I had a knack for communicating with others and inspiring them into action, and I believe this will make me successful in the consulting industry and as a motivational speaker.  

I am a senior at Brown University studying Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations and I have taken advantage of all opportunities to hone my communication skills and business acumen. For example, I am the President of my local chapter of Toastmasters (an international public speaking organization) where I oversee our operations and growth, as well as weekly coach others on their public speaking. Utilizing these opportunities has not only helped me cultivate skills vital to pursuing my dreams, it has helped me further develop and nurture my passions.

To bolster my business acumen and gain an international perspective, I traveled to India last summer and worked as a business development intern for the IT consulting company, Infosys, and as a business development intern for the food and service company, Dana Choga’s Kitchen. Both experiences helped me gain commercial acumen and develop my interest in, and aptitude for, consulting which I hope to join full time upon graduation.