tim salau

founder, mentors & mentees & ai product manager, google

Nigerian-born and Texas raised, Tim is a first generation Texas Tech University and UT Austin alum with a B.A. in Psychology and Masters in Information Studies. 

He's the founder of Mentors & Mentees, a platform helping students and professionals achieve career fulfillment, a career coach enabling students and professionals to execute on their career and life goals, and currently works with Microsoft as an AI Product Manager building the next generation of B2B SAAS enterprise technology.

As a community-obsessed and purpose-driven leader, Tim's approach revolves around needs. He adheres to an iterative and collaborative process and focuses on cultivating a shared perspective across business teams to deliver for customers.

In the past, Tim has held design and product roles at the best agency in Austin, GSD&M, one of the best companies in the world, Google, and the best national lab in the nation: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

In each role, Tim applied UX methods to improve products and explore new product concepts that improved business processes or had go-to-market potential.

Tim believes that businesses and community organizations can architect solutions with deep intent and compassion by ruthlessly focusing on their customers and the communities they serve in.

He is dedicated to strengthening communities by fusing digital literacy, collectivist thinking, and career mentorship to create economic opportunity and sustainable resources for underserved and marginalized people in Seattle and beyond.