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Taiwo John

University: African Leadership University
Major: Computer Science & Software Engineering
Languages: Yoruba & Pidgin
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Biography: My name is Taiwo John. I am a Computer Science student at African Leadership University (class of 2021). I am the first of a set of twins born to a single mother in a humble family in Lagos, Nigeria.

From my early years and humble beginning, I have always admired the beauty of true and effective leadership and this has positively affected the way that I think and act. I have grown to live by the quote “Doing the right thing is better than doing the thing right.” I am a strong believer in the infinite ability of young people to lead and inspire positive change in an ever-changing world and I am sure that youth are the transformative leaders that the world craves. I believe that the empowerment of young people is the tool needed to prepare them to effect transformational change in the world.

I am a member of the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, Class of 2021 along with 20 merited fellows. In the spirit of inquisitiveness, advocacy & ownership, I co-founded The Parley, a debate and public speaking club at the African Leadership University that aims to build young leaders who are skilled in public speaking and able to listen, reason, research, persuade and advocate on current issues and topics of global interest. This will enable them to speak to current deficiencies in society and effect sustainable change through proposing healthy policies.

Also, as an enthusiast of technology and how it can change the world, I have co-founded the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab at African Leadership University to ensure the engagement of African students in AI research and to wield the power of AI for social good. I am also interested in Finance and hope to work to help develop the systems of financial firms. I have an overall vision of strengthening the Fin-Tech sector in Africa by leveraging on AI technology to ensure that a sustainable, technology-driven and secure system of limitless financial transactions in Africa.