Son walking across New York City's Brooklyn Bridge.

Son walking across New York City's Brooklyn Bridge.

son do

University: Princeton University
Major: Computer Science
Languages: Vietnamese
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Biography: My name is Son Do. I study Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Princeton University. I was born in Saigon, Vietnam and moved to the United States with my family when I was four years old. Growing up, I saw my non-English speaking parents constantly struggle to adapt to a new life in America. Despite the long hours of labor work and minimal pay to provide for our family, they would still try their best to give back to their local community. Their sacrifices motivate me to make the most of all my opportunities and lift others up in whatever way I can.

With this mindset at Princeton, I became an officer of New York Tiger Trek. I fundraised and planned a week-long excursion to New York City that give Princeton students more exposure to entrepreneurship. I am also a part of Tiger Challenge where I seek solutions to increase interest in local news and to rejuvenate community involvement at Princeton. This experience has brought my ideas to life through design thinking strategies.

Using the knowledge and skills I am learning, my goal is to apply innovative technology to help disadvantaged communities. This summer I have made steps towards this goal by working with a startup that aims to distribute internet in developing countries with the help of blockchain.