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skylar-bree takyi

University: Harvard University
Major: Social Studies: Race & Media
Languages: Spanish
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Biography: My name is Skylar-Bree Takyi. I am a sophomore at Harvard College, planning to concentrate in history & literature with a focus in Ethnic Studies. I am a Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, an Intern at the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, and an avid member of the Association of Black Harvard Women.

I’ve spent my entire life entranced by the written word. That humans are able to communicate thoughts, emotions, and ideas through squiggles on paper is a concept that has long astounded me. I spent my childhood lost in fantastical worlds and spellbound by narrators whose voices seemed as real as my own. I wanted, so desperately, to create voices so compelling.

In the years that have passed, I have grown more and more cognizant of how rarely stories like my own – about women, about people of color, about low-income individuals – are told, in literature and beyond. I believe so strongly in the power that entertainment media has to affirm, to validate, and to humanize. It is my hope to play a role in creating film and television that asserts that all our stories are worth being told.