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seeam shahid noor

University: Harvard University
Major: Applied Mathematics
Languages: Bengali, Hindi
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Biography: I am Seeam Shahid Noor and I was born and brought up in Bangladesh. I am currently a rising sophomore at Harvard College hoping to concentrate in Applied Mathematics.

Before joining Harvard, I spent 6 years in a military school where I learned that you can guide an individual to his highest potential only if you are willing to emotionally invest in that person while expecting nothing in return. Furthermore, that a huge part of a community’s growth depends on the resources which are accessible to them. And thus, I aspire to enhance the availability of quality educational resources and data to communities and individuals who can benefit deeply from it. 

I am an online educator having led multiple major projects for 10 Minute School, the largest e-learning platform in Bangladesh with over 1,000,000 active students and find joy in sharing all that I have learned. Some of the projects include starting the educational section catered to an international audience and product development of an app which uses augmented reality to enhance learning. I am also a public-speaking mentor for the English-Speaking Union Bangladesh and hope to help driven people find their voices.

At Harvard, I am a Hometown Ambassador, which allows me to enlighten students about the accessibility to a life at Harvard, a Teaching Associate for the Leadership Institute and an Undergraduate Fellow at the Learning Lab where I develop new skills to improve the methods through which we create and provide educational value across Harvard.