saza faradilla

University: Yale-National University of Singapore
Major: Anthropology
Languages: English, Malay, Arabic
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Biography:  I have lived on the tiny red dot of Singapore my entire life. I am tremendously thankful to be born to wonderful parents, who despite not having the opportunity to attend school, constantly encourage and ensure that my siblings and I value our education.

I am a junior studying anthropology at Yale-NUS College – the first liberal arts college in Singapore! Amidst the unique East-meets-West curriculum, where we read the likes of Valmiki, Lu Xun, and Plato; and attend almost-daily talks by renowned faculties, diplomats, and writers; my assumptions, opinions and perspectives are constantly being challenged.

All of these experiences inspired me to create KidsAccomplish: a series of holistic enrichment programmes for students from 9-12 years old that cultivate empathy, self-awareness and leadership skills. By learning about racial conflicts in Sri Lanka, or sand pirates in Indonesia, and even the death of language in Singapore; we hope to inculcate self-reflexivity, critical thinking, and open-mindedness from a young age.

This past summer, I interned in the children and women’s empowerment department of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) – the largest NGO in Jordan. I produced an extensive report documenting the strategies utilised by the Women’s Empowerment Department to promote gender equality and designed a comprehensive and analytical social media strategy that increased their Facebook traffic by 20%. In addition, I too edited and drafted 5 mid-term and final evaluative reports for UNICEF and the International Clubhouse Network.

I have since solidified my dream of becoming an international humanitarian for women’s and children empowerment, but I’ve realized that my passion is transnational. As such, I hope to work in an international NGO, akin to the United Nations. I live by the quote ‘Aspire to Inspire before we Expire’ and aim to be a leader who encourages the heart and pushes followers to achieve extraordinary things beyond their comfort zones.