Ronit (far right) with his family

Ronit (far right) with his family

ronit kanwar

University: University of Oxford
Major: Economics and Management
Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, German, French, Latin
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Biography: My name is Ronit Kanwar. I am an Economics and Management student at the University of Oxford. My passion for these subjects stems from witnessing abject poverty while visiting my family in India. The shocking distinction between living standards has inspired me to change the world by directly impacting poverty.

As a student at the Warwick School, I had the privilege of visiting the World Bank and the United Nations. While these experiences reaffirmed my ambition to change the world, my internship at the Bank of England and the experience of being awarded Leamington Business Forum's Young Entrepreneur of the Year, have illustrated to me that I must continue to strive to reach ambitious goals.

I have made small impacts on my surroundings by mentoring younger students at school and consulting a Preservation Trust at university. However, my ultimate passion is to make a global impact through running a transnational corporation as Bill Gates has through his philanthropic acts, or through becoming a global leader in another sector.