Renwei during the FGL Leadership training in Wyoming

Renwei during the FGL Leadership training in Wyoming

renwei yu

University: Peking University
Major: History
Languages: English and Chinese
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Biography: I was born in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China and grew up in a mountainous rural village in Chongqing City. I have lived and studied in 7 small cities in 5 different provinces across China which has shaped me into an observant and open-minded person.

After successfully passing China’s National College Entrance Examination I enrolled in one of China’s top universities, Peking University, where I study history. History is an incredibly interesting and diverse discipline and allows me to read various local and foreign works. I am particularly interested in power contention and the plight of lower economic classes.

My interests have motivated me to enter Chinese politics and to have an impactful career in this field, serving nearly 1.4 billion Chinese, one fifth of world population. This shall be an arduous but rewarding process. I am also deeply interested in international affairs and hope to use my political leverage to foster friendly relations between China and other countries.

I am excited to learn from my international peers and look forward to strengthening my leadership abilities and knowledge of history to help me pursue my political ambitions.