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rabecca musiega

University: Tufts University
Major: Quantitative Economics and International Relations
Languages: Swahili, French, Luhya
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Biography: My name is Rabecca Musiega. I am a student at Tufts University majoring in Quantitative Economics and International Relations, with a focus on International Development Economics. I was born and raised in the rural village of Vihiga, Kenya, an area with a very high poverty rate.

I am very interested in developing countries’ economics and have volunteered and researched with UNICEF and the World Bank on projects aimed towards alleviating poverty in Kenya. Growing up in a polygamous family in a traditional Kenyan community has made me acutely aware of controversial traditional practices in our society.

At Tufts, I am a Tisch Scholar for Civic Life and an Academic and Community Engagement Fellow. I am also a Teaching Assistant in the Tufts Department of Computer Science, a blogger for the Tufts Admissions office, and a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I plan to attend law school because I am very passionate about human rights and social justice.
I recognize the power the law has to create change and I plan to become an influential lawyer and contribute my expertise and skills to fight for justice in societies globally.