perrin jones

University: Columbia University
Major: Computer Science and Applied Physics
Languages: French
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Biography: As a first-generation financially independent student, Perrin has proven that your background doesn't define your future. After two years working in the software industry, freelance sound designing, and being a barista to support himself, Perrin has moved on to Columbia University to pursue his passions in quantum computing research, professional technical theater, and first-generation low income non-profit work.

He has studied at the Institute for Quantum Computing and hopes to use his research in high-impact fields like cancer data science or severe weather calculations. He would also like to continue non-profit work with minorities, specifically in STEM fields.

While in New York City, Perrin has become involved as a researcher working on quantum algorithm optimization, a sound designer for the Columbia Musical Theater Society and Columbia University events, a tour guide for the Undergraduate and Multicultural Recruitment Committees, and an advising fellow for Matriculate. Under his fellowship, he advises high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds through college applications.