Perrin (right) while sound engineering

Perrin (right) while sound engineering

perrin jones

University: Columbia University
Major: Design Computing
Languages: French (Limited-Working Proficiency)
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Biography: Engineer, Designer, Advocate.

Perrin is a talented designer and engineer who overcame a background of homelessness and emancipation. He has continued to study Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, as well as immerse himself in sound designing for theatre in New York City. He is interested in human-centered design, human computer interaction, user interface design, and the intersection of engineering and art.

Outside of the classroom, Perrin is the assistant vice president of engineering & design of the international non-profit Natangué Sénégal. He forefronts and manages projects utilizing all aspects of design from product to policy, with the aim of sustainable development and improving infrastructure throughout Senegal. He is also the founder and executive director of the Homeless College Access Project, a nonprofit that provides in-shelter seminars, mentoring, and scholarships to inner city homeless students around the world. Recently, he started his own design firm and has been doing freelance contract work for non-profit organizations and startups.

In his free time, he enjoys teaching and tinkering at his university’s Makerspace, sound designing local theatre performances, and researching modular robotics designs for the Creative Machine Lab.