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Pedro maia de freitas

University: Brown University
Major: Economics & Applied Math
Languages: Portuguese, French

Biography: Born and raised in a humble neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, I now study Economics and Applied Math at Brown University. I graduated second in my class from a military high school and won national prizes in diverse areas such as Math, Oceanography, and Astronomy. During high school, I tutored students in German, British and Brazilian schools and volunteered in public schools and social justice projects. While transitioning from my rigid high school to the freedom to build my own path at Brown University, I discovered a new passion for writing and now write for the International Writer’s Blog. Having created my opportunities from nothing, fighting for fairer access to education thrills me. Passionate about swimming, volunteering and currently taking accelerated French, I now tutor at Brown SAT Prep and can also often be found listening to loud Brazilian music – sometimes even trying to be a drummer at Bloco da Brown.