Our Story

The Future Leaders Foundation was founded by Mr. Jean Karoubi, a Financier who has over the years been involved in diverse philanthropies. His philosophy is that leaders are the main actors of change and that talented underserved youth must have equal opportunity to reach the highest possible level of leadership on a global scale, being the ones who would be best suited to implement positive change for a better world.

Jean’s endeavors were inspired by his bond with Mr. Charles F. Feeney, the legendary philanthropist who founded the Atlantic Philanthropies. Jean’s relationship with Mr. Feeney and his family extends over 40 years, during which he managed his family’s trusts and served on the board of his family’s foundation, The French American Charitable Trust (FACT).

Jean has pledged sufficient personal funds to provide for the entire cost of running the Future Leaders Foundation during its first years, with external grants gradually taking over. Jean wants to ensure that an increasing number of resilient and very talented students from all around the world are afforded the opportunity to achieve immense global success.


The Future Leaders Foundation salutes Mr. Charles F. Feeney
For inspiring us to pursue the ideals of opportunity, equity and dignity for all.

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