nikola tsili

University: SciencesPo Paris
Major: Politics specialising in Middle Eastern Studies
Languages: Greek, Albanian, French, Italian
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Biography: Having lived in four different countries thus far, I have learned to adapt and tolerate. Why so? Mainly economic reasons; my parents started the trend and I followed. Currently, I am ready to dwell in the field of economic policy mainly as to not allow others to follow the path of an economic immigrant like myself. I succeeded in being selected for the prestigious program of Fulbright Sutton Trust which assisted and ‘guaranteed’ for me a place in an elite institution like SciencesPo. From now onwards, I am in the wonderful position to use the toolbox I have gathered so far and put it into practice. Reformation is needed and I have been trying to achieve it until now either by representing associations like Handicap International on my campus or working in a refugee camp back home in Greece.

Moreover, as a political science major specialising in the Middle East, I have had the astounding opportunity to network with Arab leaders and conduct civic internships in countries like Egypt. Combining my degree with law and economics classes, I concluded that I am keen on tackling inequality at its root cause: policy-making.

My career aspirations are those of becoming a powerful figure in the EU, or in my country, indulging in diplomatic and economic affairs. Other ambitions include continuing a labour law degree and potentially creating my own legal consulting enterprise. One thing is sure; a future of leadership and potential is on the horizon and I am ready to go towards it.