nikola tsili

University: SciencesPo Paris
Major: Politics specialising in Middle Eastern Studies
Languages: Greek, Albanian, French, Italian
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Biography: Having lived in four different countries thus far, I have learned to adapt and tolerate. Why so? Mainly economic reasons; my parents started the trend and I followed. Currently, my main drive is to promote socio-economic equality and workers’ rights as to not allow others to follow the same path as me. I succeeded in being selected for prestigious fellowships like that of Fulbright Sutton Trust and Future Global Leaders, which gave me an acceleration in the social ladder.

Being in this privileged position, I have taken on internships and volunteering opportunities around the world; from humanitarian work in Egypt to working for the foreign ministry of Greece in New York. I fervently believe that only a global outlook could give me a powerful insight in my field of interest. This is why I chose to do my exchange year in Kyoto University. My career aspirations are those of continuing a labour law degree and potentially creating my own legal enterprise which would focus on the relation between workers and AI, or becoming a prominent figure in the EU indulging in economic affairs.