Wing Yi Ip (Tiffany)

University: Yale-National University of Singapore
Major: Philosophy, Politics, Economics
Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean
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Biography: I grew up in Hong Kong and spent four of my formative years in Melbourne, Australia. A proud United World School graduate, I now attend the newly founded Yale-NUS College in Singapore and intend to major in Philosophy, Politics, Economics. A former Hong Kong national debater and public speaker, I currently serve on the Yale-NUS Debate Society Board with the aim of engaging my community in difficult and controversial discussions. I am also a dedicated member of the Yale-NUS International Relations and Political Association, where I participate in political discourses and meet new students through organizing and attending model United Nations conferences. In pursuit of my interest in politics and public policy, I am a Research Assistant to two professors for who I conduct research on Chinese policies and Indian political thought.

Born and raised mostly in Hong Kong, I adore the city and falls for its vibrant culture. Nevertheless, I see it’s flaws too and I am deeply concerned about the entrenched inequality our education system. Hoping to change the way students learn, I have volunteered at Summerbridge Hong Kong to share with younger students how to learn and acquire various skills. I was highly inspired by the motivation of this resilient group of disadvantaged but highly talented students.

I am fascinated by the culture and languages of East Asia. In addition to being fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, I also study Korean with the hope of better understanding different literature, art forms, and history of East Asian countries. In my free time, I can be found anywhere ranging from the dance studio, library, to a quaint cafe in the backstreet of the city, exploring different interests that allow me to express myself in this world of extraordinary talents.