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muhammad gondal

University: Bentley University
Major: Finance
Languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish
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Biography: My name is Muhammad Gondal. I am a finance student at Bentley University with a GPA of 3.96. I was born in a village in Pakistan and attended a military boarding school from the age of four to nine. I came to the United States as a ten year old with minimal knowledge of English, and found myself constantly adapting and finding a place to call my own in my new hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

I have a passion for Socially Responsible Investing, in which the return on investment is important, but factors such as ethics and sustainability are also taken into consideration when making an investment. As a student at Leon M. Goldstein High School, I founded the Business & Finance Club to pursue my passion through understanding how markets operate.

Ultimately, I hope to start a major fund that provides returns for not only investors, but also the betterment of society.