lucrezia bisignani

cofounder and ceo of kukua

I am the co-founder of Kukua, who’s mission is to teach reading, writing and basic numeracy to 250M children in Sub-Saharan Africa by harnessing the rise of smartphones and the power of mobile-gaming. My team is also competing for the 15M Global Learning XPRIZE.
In the summer of 2014 I attended the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University , where I spent 10 weeks with the most amazing 79 human beings, living at NASA Ames campus in Mountain View (Silicon Valley), working with exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and biotech to solve the big humanitarian challenges such as education, poverty, healthcare and energy.

When I was only a teenager I founded Staanoi a non-profit organization who prepares students to the 21st century professional world. Our Gamechanger’s Program helps students understand their strenghts and passions, as we believe the combination of these two will lead to a successful career. We also recently partnered with Ashoka to help launch the Changemaker Schools program in Italy.

Previously I have worked in the San Francisco Bay Area at Mind the Bridge, an accelerator and startup school; in Milan at Studio Lentati as a fundraiser; and coordinated the European Maker Faire and  Education Day.

I began my career as an actress and  trained at one of the leading Drama Schools in UK – the Oxford School of Drama – which shaped my character, built my stamina and turned me into a courageous woman.