Lucas during the NOLS Leadership Expedition

Lucas during the NOLS Leadership Expedition

Lucas vandard

University: Sciences Po (Paris)
Major: Political Science
Languages: French, German, Russian
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Biography: My name is Lucas Vandard. I am a student at Sciences Po Paris and am currently studying political science, history, economics, law and sociology. I am also learning English and Russian.

I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, confronted by social inequalities, poverty and the violence of a youth with a more than uncertain future. This instilled in me a desire to change things, make a difference by fighting for greater equity, and stand up against determinism. Thus, I chose to get deeply involved in my studies, in sports, and in various associations in order to stick to my ideals and pursue my goals.

I worked hard to gain acceptance to Sciences Po Paris, one of the most prestigious universities in France.  After coming to the realization that the world today is not limited to a neighborhood, city or country, I became aware that I have to act on a global scale. In addition, my involvement in sports enabled me to discover the values of self-sacrifice, of surpassing yourself, and of solidarity. I have been able to compete at the regional and national level in basketball.

Last summer, through AIESEC, I joined Omprakash, an organization that fights for children’s rights. As a volunteer for several weeks in India, I taught and animated workshops for deprived children.

I am fond of being enriched by the diversity of people and cultures, as well as the variety of life experiences surrounding me. As a result, I now try to acquire as many skills as possible, ranging from working at a start-up to a local publication.

My absolute desire is to contribute to the process of improving the future of humanity, regardless of the scale. Being part of the FGL Fellowship deeply reinforces my aspiration to act. I cannot do much alone; however, this collective experience convinces me that together we can change everything.