Lucas vandard

University: Sciences Po (Paris)
Major: Political Science
Languages: French, German, Russian
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Biography: Passionate about history, I enjoy studying the great destinies of past leaders
Passionate about geopolitics, I like to understand the complex issues of our world
Passionate about man and his ingenuity, I try to know why our world is concerned about the future

Determined, I worked to get my place in the team participating in the French basketball championship
Determined, I graduated from my High School with highest honors
Determined, I was able to integrate Sciences Po Paris

Invested in my high school, I was the president of the student association
Invested, I am engaged in the association "Graine d'orateur," which teaches high school students from underprivileged backgrounds, how to express themselves publicly
Invested, I managed to get a job as an instructor in a middle school

My name is Lucas Vandard, I am 18 years old and I want to improve the condition of humanity throughout the world.