Louise at the FGL Leadership Training in Wyoming with Emma Jagu (2014 FGL Fellow)


Louise at the FGL Leadership Training in Wyoming with Emma Jagu (2014 FGL Fellow)

louise amichi

University: Paris Dauphine University
Major: Economics, Mathematics, English, & History
Languages: French, Arabic, English, Spanish
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Biography: I am a French citizen born to Algerian parents and a sophomore studying Economics at Paris La Sorbonne University. I am preparing to take the competitive examination to enter the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan (France) to continue studying Economics and Management. I love to travel and to meet new people wherever I go (which is influenced by my cultural heritage) and I expect my studies and my career to allow me to continue doing that. This is the reason why I speak 4 languages: French, Arabic, English and Spanish. 

I aim to obtain a senior-level position in Corporate Economics and Finance. Indeed, firms are full fledge contributors to economic growth and I want to become an expert that can excel at having strong managing skills and have the knowledge to take into account the world’s economy and globalization process. Moreover, firms are at the same time the reflection and the makers of the society we live in, they make decision that impact our society and, so, future leaders cannot overlook the stakes at play in this century. We must believe in human values and advance them as much as we can. This is my vision of global leadership in Economics and Management. 

I hope then to gain meaningful experiences and to gradually ascend the ladder of success, while traveling and learning diverse ways of thinking about management worldwide. I have a strong belief in meritocracy; and education, resilience and ambition are my best allies. My parents, who I want to make proud of, are my best support.

Being part of the FGL program is the chance of a lifetime and will help me fulfill my dream of making an impact worldwide. My first experience with the program was the best of my life: today I feel like I am the member of a community of ambitious young people that goes beyond any geographical boundaries. I learned about myself more than I would ever do during last summer’s Expedition in the Rocky Mountains. Now, I look forward to meeting my mentor – who I hope will help me define my specific professional goals within the branches of Economics and Finance and to understand the inner workings of that field.