leonardo moraveg

University: Brown University
Major: Economics and International Relations
Languages: Spanish, Farsi
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Biography: It is with great pride that I embrace my immigrant background, as my mother is from Mexico and my father a refugee from Iran. I am currently pursuing a dual-concentration degree in economics and international relations at Brown University on a full-ride. My objective is to not only excel but to ensure that my trajectory leads me to a position of foreign policy in the American Government. Being raised in the border town of El Paso, Texas, I have been exposed to many cultures and had to invest time in learning the precarious relationship of the United States and its neighboring countries. Coming from a low-income background, I have benefited greatly from the generosity of many prestigious scholarships, such as the Gates Foundation Scholarship, and also from the aid of many mentors. I am heavily involved on campus and I ensure I capitalize on the opportunities given. I am part of Brown's Political Review, the Intercollegiate Finance Journal and the Journal of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. I enjoy my roles of being an editor and writer, and I ensure to reflect my values of altruism and perspective in foreign topics. In regards to giving back to the community, I take pride in being part of Quest-Scholars at Brown, where I am tasked with reaching out to local high-schools for academic opportunities and the American Enterprise Institute Executive Council Program, where I am responsible for inviting influential speakers to discuss important domestic and foreign policy issues. It was after my legislative internship in El Paso, with Texas Senator Jose Rodriguez, that I realized that being a public servant was my objective. I am not only seeking more academic and professional experience but opportunities to ensure that I achieve a comprehensive view of crucial foreign affair issues.