kwolanne felix

University: Columbia University
Major: History and Anthropology
Languages: Haitian Creole, French, Spanish
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Biography: I am Kwolanne Felix, a student at Columbia University studying history and pursuing my passion in humanitarianism. I was born in Haiti, but I call Miami FL, my home. I grew up in a community of struggling immigrants where college education was nonexistent. As Student Body President during high school I lead initiatives such as protests against gun violence, voter registration drives, establishing an award winning Model United Nations and creating programs to empower communities of color. I earned the Silver Knight Honoree Award, Comcast Leadership and Achievement Award, and became a Questbridge Scholar and a Ron Brown Captain Scholar.

During college I was a victim of racial harassment and created No Space for Hate: an initiative that combats discrimination and focuses on community building and restorative justice practices. I interned for the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Organization for Women-NYC. I hope to use my experiences to create comprehensive humanitarian policies that center the voices of local communities and women. I aspire to become the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights to achieve these goals.