Kathy at the FGL Leadership Training with Nabig Chaudhry and  (2014 FGL Fellows)


Kathy at the FGL Leadership Training with Nabig Chaudhry and  (2014 FGL Fellows)

kathy jung

University: Harvard University
Major: English and Psychology
Languages: Korean, English
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Biography: I am studying English at Harvard University because of its emphasis on critical thinking, communication and the role these play in shaping global dialogue. It is my ardent belief that even the most profound breakthroughs will fail to solve world issues if they cannot be effectively communicated.

The past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to work in two start-up environments, and grew immensely by encountering and learning new skills everyday. My experience as Program Manager for Network of Women (in New York) required that I work at both the micro and macro level, from curating and editing content shared across various social media channels, to clarifying market analysis and devising a business model. My second internship (in China) exposed me to the challenges of communicating quickly and effectively in a hectic work environment heightened by the language barrier. This experience solidified my passions for both generating content and communicating effectively to accomplish critical tasks.

As a strong advocate for literacy and enhanced communications I want to contribute to finding a solution to the larger issue of inequity in education on a global scale. One day, I would like to run a non-profit organization with the mission of seeking out underserved youth and fostering their talent, their ambitions, and their visions, so that someday they will be able to achieve seemingly impossible dreams.

That is why after Harvard, I plan to pursue graduate school and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I hope to learn about all areas of an organization, assessing risk management, and developing both strategy and brand. Most importantly, I want to work creatively—whether that manifests itself in finding solutions to difficult challenges or approaching an issue from a novel theoretical framework.