Katherine gutierrez abanto

University: Universidad del Pacífico
Major: Economics
Languages: Spanish
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Biography: My name is Katherine Gutiérrez and I am a student at Universidad del Pacifico. I was born in Cajamarca, Peru and grew up in a complex environment in which inequality and poverty were my nearest reality; however, my parents and my grandmother taught me not to give up.

When I was thirteen years old, I decided to leave my family after winning a scholarship to attend Colegio Mayor Secundario Presidente del Peru-COAR Lima, Peru's first public boarding school for high-performing students. I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live with 900 amazing students from all over Peru, who taught me the value of multiculturalism and a willingness to change.

That experience was a turning point in my life because it helped me develop a very strong desire to improve my country. I truly believe I can one day help others globally by serving my community and my nation now. This is why I am currently studying Economics, with specific interests in public policy and development economics.

In 2016, my passion for quality education led me to be selected over 6,000 young leaders to attend the Program for Strengthening the Public Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by the Botin Foundation and the Getulio Vargas Foundation. In addition, I am a student representative at Universidad del Pacifico, Co-founder of the National University Volunteer Program for professional volunteering, and Co-founder of an organization for empowering rural development.

I plan to one day be a politician and truly believe that it is essential that we constantly provide others with equal opportunities to grow and overcome themselves and their circumstances.