Justin at the FGL Meet-Up in Massachusetts with Solange Munezero and Jeremiah Grant (2014 FGL Fellows)


Justin at the FGL Meet-Up in Massachusetts with Solange Munezero and Jeremiah Grant (2014 FGL Fellows)

justin patel

University: Princeton University
Major: Electrical Engineering, with a Certificate in Finance and Sustainable Energy
Languages: English, Gujarati
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Biography: I am an Electrical Engineering student at Princeton University. I grew up in the small town of Eufaula, Alabama living at the motel my family managed. At this motel, I interacted with new customers daily and helped resolve business problems, equipment problems, technology problems, and even plumbing problems! My experiences working with my hands to fix technical issues nurtured my interest in engineering. I am particularly interested in Electrical Engineering because I believe innovation is needed in the technology and energy sectors, and I want to participate in bringing about this innovation.

At Princeton, I am part of Engineers Without Borders and Princeton Racing Electric, which help me explore my interests in engineering while tackling major environmental and sustainability issues. After graduating from Princeton, I plan to attend graduate school in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and, later on, a Master’s in Business Administration.

I have a strong passion and admiration for design innovation and operational efficiency, and I would like to work in positions in which I can bring about their improvement. Many of the inefficiencies in major industries such as healthcare, finance, and energy, affect people adversely. Examples of these inefficiencies would be the rising “administration costs” in healthcare and waste of valuable resources in energy generation and transfer. I aim to become a leader in innovation and efficiency in my industry and to benefit society through breakthrough technological gains.