joseph nwanEbo

University: University of Notre Dame
Major: Information Technology Management
Languages: Igbo, Spanish, French, Japanese
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Biography: My name is Joseph Nwanebo and I am a third-year student at the University of Notre Dame. I am currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology Management with minors in Linguistics and International Business.

I have been fortunate enough to achieve much success in the form of academic honors, scholarships, internships, and several other forms of recognition despite my extremely humble and underprivileged background. I have seen first-hand the contrast between the life my mother lived before emigrating from Nigeria and the world of opportunity that has opened up to me over the last few years. My hope is to translate my success into a lasting impact within the business world. My interests are concerned with the applications of technology within the life sciences and healthcare space. It is my belief that utilizing technology as a catalyst for accelerated growth in conjunction with ethically focused policies, products, and services will raise quality of life standards around the world.