jorge campos

University: Harvard University
Major: Economics
Languages: Spanish
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Biography: I am a Freshman at Harvard University and have built my life around the empowerment of my peers, the prosperity of my community, and the development of my own interpersonal strength. Beyond my classes, I spend my time working with organizations like the Harvard Foundation, the Harvard College First Generation Student Union, and the Harvard College Impact Investing Group. In each I take on significant leadership roles where I get to practice the two skills I know I’m good at; managing money and talking to people. Outside of Harvard, I lead the Partnerships team at a national nonprofit organization, Peerlift, that is focused on increasing access to educational resources in under-represented communities across the country.

My experience in Investment Banking, Consulting, and Nonprofit work, combined with more than a fair share of adversity in my life has placed me on a career path for action. Given this, I will be studying Economics at Harvard, with a strong focus on Urban Development. I see an MBA in my future, with a strong commitment to fighting the good fight and continuing to elevate everyone around me.