Jonathan (center) with classmates at Sciences Po.

Jonathan (center) with classmates at Sciences Po.

Jonathan kanagasabai

University: Sciences Po & Columbia University
Major: Mathematics & Computer Science
Languages: French, Tamil
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Biography: My values, hopes and dreams are entirely the fruits of my personal journey. 

I am currently studying Economics, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science at Columbia University, Sciences Po, and Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. I am able to apprehend the global issues I want to tackle in life through different prisms thanks to these interdisciplinary subjects. I will graduate from each of these institutions with a bachelor’s degree.

My passion for Education Policy stems from my experience of growing up in an underprivileged suburban city near Paris with two sisters and a widowed Sri Lankan mother. As I grew older, I realized that obtaining an education is a way –the only way – in which I could help my family. As a first-generation college student, I became passionate about social mobility and diversity. As part of my studies, I interned at the French National Assembly in Paris and at Teach for India in Mumbai. These experiences helped me understand how governments and non-profits can reshape education.

My short-term objectives are driving me to join a consulting firm and work with the French Public sector. I want to learn how to efficiently implement reforms while building my network. In the long run, I want to work for the Minister of Education in France in order to lead the change that the French education system desperately needs.