Jeremiah at the FGL Leadership Training in Wyoming


Jeremiah at the FGL Leadership Training in Wyoming

jeremiah grant

University: Cornell University
Majors: Biological Sciences | Neurobiology & Behavior
Languages: English | Spanish | Latin
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Biography: I am Jeremiah Grant Jr. and JXG is my business, my personal brand, my reputation, my currency, my values. My mission statement is to partner with diverse communities worldwide by understanding their human ecology and improve their health outcomes. My vision is global leadership and collaboration that bridges data and application, strategies and outcomes, policies and principle for people in worldwide.

In 2013 After graduating from the NYC public school system  I was blessed to be offered over $800,000 in scholarships and awards to finance my education.  Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation I was awarded  a 10-year full scholarship to make my undergraduate and graduate studies possible at any university in the country. I ultimately chose the ivy league research institution Cornell University and a few months later was inducted as a fellow in the inaugural class of the Future Global Leaders Fellowship.

In 2014 I dedicated the first year of my fellowship to exploring how capital infrastructures positively benefit those in the public healthcare sector in New York interning at JPMorgan Chase’s Public Finance Healthcare Department.  After expanding my knowledge base on health technology and financial services,  I stress tested my capacity for uncertainty, survival, resilience during the 21-Day NOLS Rocky Mountains expedition course.

In 2015 I dedicated the second year of the fellowship to observing how effectively public institutions translate research data into improved patient health outcomes. After seeing the impact funding had in the public sector I interned in France at the Atomic Energy Commission NeuroSpin Imagine Lab, Hôpital Foch Neurosurgery Department and later in Germany at RetroBrain R&D collaborating with the bioinformatics, research, neuroscience, coding and investor relations team.

In 2016 I am dedicating my final year of the fellowship to stress testing how reliably the public sector meets the health needs of communities during crises. I am currently pursuing research opportunities where I can gain the necessary skills to address the new millennium challenges faced by change makers working in the sphere of global public health.