Jaspreet during a photoshoot with Ventura Blvd Magazine to be featured as one of their"Top Ten Teens to Watch" 

Jaspreet during a photoshoot with Ventura Blvd Magazine to be featured as one of their"Top Ten Teens to Watch" 

jaspreet kaur

University: Harvard University
Major: Film, Sociology
Languages: Punjabi
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Biography: My name is Jaspreet Kaur. I am an undergraduate student at Harvard University. Born in a small village in India, I immigrated with my family to California when I was two years old. My keen relationship with storytelling began as a little girl, while listening to my mother's rhythmic Punjabi weave stories about the tragedies of India's violence against women. From when I was very little, I could tell that my family was different: my dad wore a turban and we spoke a language considered foreign. In a world where people are quickly labeled as “outsiders,” I am interested in telling stories that are not commonly told to foster compassion.

In high school, I found film as an avenue to project my voice and vision out into a global platform in hopes of challenging norms to change them. I became a lead intern for The International Youth Media Summit, a 2 week film conference that brings together filmmakers from 23 countries to make films on 7 social issues. A few months later, I went on to establish a local branch of the non-profit, The L.A. Summit for the youth in my community. For my work, I received the Princeton Prize in Race Relations and was featured on the “Top Ten Teens to Watch” for Ventura Blvd’s magazine in LA. In 2016, I went to the White House to meet Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to former President Obama and Kyle Lierman, Senior Policy Advisor regarding their work to create cultures of sexual respect.

Currently, I am involved in Act on a Dream, an organization focusing on awareness, resources, and activism for the undocumented community. My current film work consists of creating the the first ever web series following two undocumented young girls in their quest to foster friendships, interact with an American Dream that was not meant for them, and in the process, learn to normalize self-love in the midst of toxic expectations.

I plan to be involved in films and media that present new ideas and stories. I intend to work in Indian Cinema along creative minds like Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar to create movies that present different perspectives on social norms.