ivona martinovska

University: Russian Presidential Academy, University of Bologna
Major: Global Governance and Leadership
Languages: Macedonian, Serbian, Russian, Spanish
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Biography: The street I grew up on only has 40 houses in which people of 9 different ethnicities and 4 different religions live. Bearing this in mind, I take the right to say that multiculturalism has shaped me. To a great extent it has influenced my values and beliefs, and it has taught me tolerance and respect. It is the reason why I have developed a great interest in understanding how one’s ethnicity or religion can be a source of dispute.

Today I am pursuing a double-degree from the Russian Presidential Academy and the University of Bologna in Global Governance and Leadership. I am currently conducting individual research at the Research Center for Resource Economics. I am Founder of the Initial Board for opening an office of the World Youth Alliance in Moscow and a Youth Delegate at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities at the Council of Europe.