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Inès Bensaid

University: Lycee Carnot
Major: Mathematics, Geopolitics, Business
Languages: French & Spanish
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Biography: Hi, my name is Inès. I’m a French student, freshly graduated from my country’s best high school. I study in an intense preparatory curriculum, to take competitive exams that will get me into one of the best French business schools. I intend to study in a double degree in business and law to gain expertise in both and join an international top firm.

Having grown up in an underprivileged suburban city near Paris, I’m well aware of the lack of opportunities and social inequalities that are latent to such backgrounds. To remedy this, I have implemented a program within my primary school, to help pupils with their homework, answer questions about higher education and inspire them to give the best of themselves and not fear to aim at the most prestigious universities and schools.

I am passionate about volunteering, especially in the field of social entrepreneurship, which I had the luck to study during a seminar. This allowed me to hone my leadership skills, thanks to readings, workshops and a group project, of whom helping others is a big part.

Resilience is another of my characteristics, strengthened by my desire to surpass myself physically, which resulted in years of competition-level swimming and tennis.