hena Patel

University: University of Oxford
Major: Law
Languages: Gujarati
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Biography: I am a law student at the University of Oxford and an alumna of Seven Kings High School.  One of the reasons why I chose to pursue law was due to the inhumane treatment detainees were receiving at Guantanamo Bay. Being a part of the force that compels government to give all suspects a free trial and to protect individual liberties would be an incredible accomplishment!

Outside of my studies, I initiated and led my own project to empower women through expressive poetry. Discussing and presenting controversial issues through poetry is not only beneficial for the individual by helping develop global awareness of conflicting views, but it allows the individual to grow more confident and more coherent with their thoughts. 

Coming from an Indian family, and given the recent wave of rape atrocities in the country, I want to protect vulnerable groups in unstable societies. I hope to one day change international governments’ controversial sentencing policies and to protect victims of domestic violence and rape.