Heather in London during her internship at BNP Paribas with Jeremiah Grant (2014 FGL Fellow)


Heather in London during her internship at BNP Paribas with Jeremiah Grant (2014 FGL Fellow)

heather orta

University: Wellesley College
Major: Economics and International Relations
Languages: English, (Fluent) Spanish, (Advanced) Portuguese, and (Beginning) Italian
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Biography: I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but my family now lives in Miami, Florida. Being a minority and a first generation college student has fed my passion for community service and different cultures. Most of my passions and interests are born from my identity as a hispanic and immigrant. 

As a sophomore at Wellesley College, I am majoring in economics and minoring in math. I became interested in economics because it brought two of my favorite subjects together- social sciences and math. Economics is an international discipline in that all economies interact and rely on each other to function. In this sense, these international institutions have the global responsibility to assure equality as well as reach these goals. I am enthralled by financial markets and the way that they interact to create a global economy.

Studying economics has also enhanced my awareness of social justice and income inequality, which has led me to join several organizations on campus. With Habitat for Humanity, I spend Saturdays helping build homes for those who would otherwise be homeless. I also volunteer for Mission Hill After School Program, which is a PBHA program that matches tutors to underprivileged students in local federal housing projects.

Once I graduate from Wellesley I hope to work for a consulting firm or a bank in order to gain experience studying financial markets. These experiences will be vital in helping fulfill my dream of completing a secondary degree in economics and working as an analyst for an international organization such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund. I hope to one day change the way that these institutions perform and the effect they have around the world. This past summer, I participated in an internship in the economic and political science department on the Consulate General of Mexico in Miami. During my tenure with the consulate, I reported directly to the consul and created memos of economic importance that he would then relay to the ambassador. I researched topics from price of agricultural goods to trade agreements, and gained valuable experience in the process.

On campus, I am also involved in the sailing team and the Questbridge Charter on campus. My favorite past times outside of campus involve exploring Boston and learning new languages.