Hamidah (center) with Kathy Jung, Nabig Chaudhry, and Elyas Hamadache (2014 FGL Fellows)

Hamidah (center) with Kathy Jung, Nabig Chaudhry, and Elyas Hamadache (2014 FGL Fellows)

Hamidah mahmud

University: Harvard University
Major: History and Science
Languages: Bengali, English, Spanish and learning Arabic
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Biography: I am a sophomore at Harvard College concentrating in History and Science with a secondary in Earth and Planetary Science. Trying to balance my pre-med courses with my non-science interests as well, History and Science seemed the way to go, because I can add global health policy and writing into the mix of chemistry and biology. I’m considering a secondary in Earth and Planetary Sciences because of my newfound interest in geology and the outdoors after my life changing, three-week long, FGL Leadership Expedition in 2014. I also get to get back to those backcountry days through the Harvard Outing Club, where we go on day trips and longer overnight stays in the surrounding mountains of New England. 

My other interests on campus include the Harvard Art Society, where I set up events to help my peers realize that impossible DIY Pinterest art projects really aren’t that impossible. In addition to that, I’m the social chair of the Harvard College Students for Bangladesh, and currently working on launching a global health project which includes creating and supplying a mobile free clinic for the slums of Dhaka. But what better way to combine my passions for art and global health than through my volunteer program, Project Sunshine. Our chapter of this international organization provides recreational activity and tutoring to both long and short term hospitalized children and their families within the Boston healthcare loop. 

I’ve gained a lot of experience in working with children, as this past summer I traveled throughout Istanbul, Turkey, for two months, teaching English from the 2nd grade to 8th grade level, as well as interning at the Fatih University Hospital of the Asian Side. As an intern, I shadowed and worked closely with pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, and oncologists, giving me priceless hands on experience in the health care field. I plan to continue down this path of global health, interning and traveling throughout my remaining years of college, and one day hopefully play an integral role as a global leader in Doctors without Borders.