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Haiyan Zhang

University: NYU Shanghai
Languages: Mandarin, Shanghainese, Sichuanese

Biography: My strong passion for the arts and philosophy started at a young age when I began exploring my abilities in sketching and discovering my potential in writing.

As a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from New York University Shanghai, I study the Philosophy of Aesthetics, which explores how humans perceive and define beauty. To apply aesthetic theories into practice, I aim to become a writer and pursue a career in theater because I believe this kind of performance art can have a strong influence on our society.

I have taken courses such as Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Semiotics of Performance, Dramatic Literature and Acting Fundamentals to accumulate knowledge both in theoretical and practical fields of drama. I have also helped organize cultural events in my city such as the NYU Shanghai Fusion Music Festival, which gathered hundreds of attendees, and organized a university-wide contest ONE IN 24 Film Race that encouraged contestants to make their movies in only 24 hours and to explore the city.

I am actively looking for professional experiences in the curation of art events and backstage management in theaters.