Gabriel with Daniela Veloza (FGL Fellow 2015)

                              Gabriel with Daniela Veloza (FGL Fellow 2015)

gabriel reyes

University: Brown University
Major: Cognitive Neuroscience and Medicine
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Swahili
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Biography: I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico but have the very good fortune of calling Providence my home for the next four years! As a first-generation college student, I am passionate to succeed both inside and outside the classroom and hope to one day call myself a neurosurgeon and a researcher. However, my passion for social justice also inspires me to study law and give back to my community using scientific and social approaches.

At Brown University I study Cognitive Neuroscience and Medicine, and I am interested in how abnormalities within the brain lead to devastating psychiatric disorders. It is my hope to engage in various research labs focusing on diseases such as schizophrenia and Parkinson’s to dissect these issues from multiple perspectives and improve treatment or prevent these diseases entirely. I am also a member of the Brown Mock Trial Team, where I debate alongside some of the most talented students on campus in an exhilarating and enjoyable competition, and a member of La Alianza Latina as a High School Outreach Coordinator, where I give presentations to underserved students about college. Lastly, I teach an adult with a learning disability any subject, concept, or task that they choose to learn with the Partners in Adult Learning (PAL). This year, I helped a man named Bill learn how to utilize a computer and social media so that he can contact his family.

I love studying languages and hope to be able to fluently speak at least 6 by the time I graduate. I am a bilingually fluent in English and Spanish, and know basic Japanese and Swahili. I hope to someday have the opportunity to visit Tokyo, Nairobi, Asuncion, London, and much more! I also enjoy reading, playing tennis, and plan to improve my skills as a violinist and try-out for the Brown Symphony Orchestra!

This summer, I plan to attend the National Conference On Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) where I will learn more about the issues regarding race and how I can help contribute to racial equality in my community. Afterwards, I will be interning in New York City with College Access: Research and Action (CARA) helping Community Based Organizations integrate youth leadership into their college access programs.