Luna Schlör

University: New York University Abu Dhabi
Major: International Politics, Developmental Economics & Arabic
Languages: German, French, Spanish, Arabic & Latin
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Biography: Raised in a multiethnic, low-income suburb of Germany, I experienced first-hand how intercultural misunderstanding and poverty can lead to prejudice and conflict on the small scale. These experiences inspired me to study International Politics and Economics at NYU Abu Dhabi, an American university in the Middle East, to better understand the political and economic conditions underlying conflict globally. In the future, I hope to leverage the insights I have gained in- and outside the classroom at NYUAD to alleviate conflict and poverty around the world by entering the field of diplomacy as an ambassador of Germany.

Language-learning has always been my way of bridging cultures. Throughout secondary school I studied Latin, English, French, Spanish, and – after winning the ASSIST scholarship for studies at Phillips Exeter Academy – Arabic. I received several language awards, including the award for the best performance in the international DELF B2 exam in my region.  

Besides languages, performing arts are an integral part of how I express myself. After ten years of acting, I trained as a theater pedagogue in 2014/16. Since, I have (co-)directed four plays, instructed over 70 children on acting techniques, and in 2017, one of my trainee groups won the first prize in the European competition “Wir in Europa.”