WheN Merit Trumps Privilege

The world’s first private network of diverse leaders committed to one another’s success and to a better world.


Unite the world's brightest minds so they will propel each other to reach the highest levels of global leadership. All members pledge to help one another succeed in order to have a maximum positive impact on the world.


We believe that without a worldwide network of influential connections, even the most promising minds recognized by the world's leading institutions will struggle to reach the highest leadership positions.

Who can join?

High-Achieving Undergraduates who are the first in their family to attend university may apply to the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, an internationally competitive 3-year program that prepares Fellows to be inducted as members of the Fortis Society.

Promising Young Professionals and Graduates may be co-opted and inducted into the Fortis Society by existing members starting in the Spring of 2017. New members will be selected for their extraordinary accomplishments, ambition, and reciprocal commitment to leveraging their influence for the Fortis Society member’s success.