Fatoumata sambare

University: EDHEC Business School
Major: Economics
Languages: French

Biography: I am French, but my father is Burkinabé and my mother Ivorian, so I had the chance to grow up around three cultures. This has shaped the way I see the world and it's the reason why I want to have an international career. My goal is to create a profitable social enterprise which positively impacts society and attracts top talent from around the world.

I am honored to be a member of Passeport Avenir and ESSEC's "Une Grande Ecole Porquoi pas Moi," which have shaped my academic trajectory and encouraged me to pursue an ambitious career path. I will enter EDHEC Business School in Paris this Fall to study economics and business administration.

For fun, I have been practicing hip-hop dancing for over 4 years and love doing it because it's taught me to be a good collaborator and to push myself beyond my boundaries.