Farrah (second from left) at the Launch of the Fortis Society in France

Farrah (second from left) at the Launch of the Fortis Society in France

farrah barbEr

University: University of St. Andrews
Major: International Relations, Russian
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Biography: My name is Farrah Barber. I’m from Stoke-on-Trent and I now study International Relations and Russian at the University of Saint Andrews.

Being from Stoke-on-Trent has always been my largest asset, being working class is the source of my work ethic and the force behind my fierce ambition. I am the first of my family to attend university, my father a builder and my mother a nurse. After achieving the highest grades in my year at sixth form, I was granted a partial scholarship to study at the highest ranked Politics school in the UK.  

I write for Political Insights and the Market Mogul, economics and politics publications on a range of topics, with my expertise lying in Russian foreign policy. At Saint Andrews, I am the President of the Foreign Affairs Society, the Treasurer of the Law Society, Operations Coordinator of Playfair (a student led consultancy group that does real-world work) and am working with the Careers Centre on inclusivity programmes.

Beyond academics I am founding a social enterprise, Interdependence, which is a non-profit organisation designed to facilitate working research partnerships between students and professors in the fields of Politics and International Relations across the UK, with planned expansion across Europe and North America. Alongside this, I am co-founding a peer-to-peer mentoring scheme with inner-city children in my hometown, to realise the potential of high achieving students in an incredibly disadvantaged city.

I want to work in Political Risk and Intelligence, advising governments and corporations on their responses to exogenous shocks in an ever-tumultuous international arena. I am always conscious that I must establish broad and far-reaching knowledge, and am currently working on a privately funded investment project, spanning real estate to cryptocurrencies.