ethan morElion

University: Brown University
Major: Political Science
Languages: Spanish
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Biography: I am a Gates Millennium Scholar, QuestBridge finalist, and first-generation Hispanic student from rural West Texas, currently studying political science at Brown University.

After witnessing a number of issues within  the low-income, rural neighborhood I grew up in, I decided to take action and founded a revitalization effort for my county’s Teen Court program, to aid troubled students in correcting past mistakes and getting involved in community service. I also founded a chapter of a political organization to help members of the community register to vote and obtain information regarding upcoming elections. I now continue my involvement in community engagement by working with Brown University’s Sexual Health Advocacy through Peer Education (SHAPE) program. Through SHAPE, I teach low-income students in Providence about sexual health.

I plan to use my experiences to provide valuable insight as a politician and represent often forgotten communities like mine, globally.