Ethan (second from left) during NOLS

Ethan (second from left) during NOLS

ethan morElion

University: Brown University
Major: Political Science
Languages: Spanish
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Biography: My name is Ethan Morelion. I am currently a political science concentrator at Brown University with a passion for law, politics, and social justice.

From a young age, I developed the motivation to make a change. After seeing many of the troubles the residents of my low-income neighborhood face, I decided to take action. For the past five years, I have worked with my county’s Teen Court program, through which we assist troubled teens by getting them involved in several community service organizations. I also founded the revitalization effort for the program. In addition, I founded a chapter of a political organization in Texas that focuses on getting voters informed about local, state, and national elections as well as registering them to vote. I continue to work with these organizations in hopes of giving every person a chance to succeed and have his/her voice heard.

I continue community engagement work at Brown University through the Swearer Center for Public Service’s Sexual Health Advocacy's Peer Education Program. Through the program, I work with low-income students at alternative high schools in Providence, Rhode Island to help educate them about sexual health, well-being, and reproductive politics. I work on developing curricula and conducting policy research to improve sexual health education standards for Providence and the greater Rhode Island community. I also serve as an advisor on the Swearer Center’s Student Advisory Committee to ensure that the work the Center does is fair, just, effective, and most importantly, to ensure that the work we do is collaborative. At my very core, I still have that passion and motivation to make a difference in the lives of any community I am a part of.

In addition to my community engagement work, I have been honored as a Gates Millennium Scholar, a QuestBridge Scholar, a Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation Fellow, and a former National Speech and Debate Association National Student of the Year Finalist.

My future plans include working in public interest law and using my experiences to provide valuable insight as a politician to represent the often forgotten communities like mine, on a global scale.