Elyas hamadache

School: ESCP Europe
Major: Economics
Languages: French, Kabyle, English, Spanish
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Biography: I am a French student currently preparing for competitive examinations for various Business Schools, among them the école des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, to reach my goal of working in the field of finance. I would like to work in a private bank or large enterprise in a major economic capital, so next summer I hope to intern in New York City and to be immersed in this field. And one day I hope to reach a global level of leadership where it will be my priority to emphasize open communication, tolerance, and innovation. 

I have always been a hard worker, and I have made many sacrifices throughout the years in order to fulfill my goals. It’s crucial for me to keep interact with people and I always need a physical and intellectual challenge. That’s why once a week I run with a big team in Paris made of hundreds of people called “Boost Bastille.” I’m utterly determined to make it and that is why I have joined FGL! I want to open myself to other cultures, gain international experiences and gain skills to work well with other people in order to achieve large-scale projects. I truly believe that determination is the key to success, and this is why I never give up and I take every experience and challenge as an opportunity to better myself. But even the greatest men cannot build great works on their own; therefore I’m entirely committed to teamwork and camaraderie. I am really looking forward to being an efficient member of the working world where I’ll be able to join forces with others to lead ambitious projects to their end.