Apply to the FGL Fellowship

We invite first-year college students with extreme passion, undying drive, and uncompromising ambition who are building their career and networks from scratch to learn more about the Future Global Leaders Fellowship.

The FGL Fellowship is an accelerator for top students from humble backgrounds who want to become members of the Fortis Society upon successful completion of the fellowship. Candidates should be convinced that they need this program, can actively contribute to it, and can sign (and fulfill) our Honor Pledge.

(Applications closed January 31, check back in November 2017.)

Applicants must be currently enrolled First-Year College students who fit the following eligibility criteria:

  1. First-Generation College Student – which we define as students who do not have a family history of higher education.
  2. A Track Record of Academic Excellence – throughout high school and university. Priority given to GPAs 3.5 and above.
  3. Proven Leadership Abilities – through self-started initiatives and ventures, or leadership in their community.

Characteristics of Successful Candidates

In addition to eligibility criteria, our Admissions Committee will select Fellows who display the following characteristics:

  1. Resilience, Grit, and Guts – from having experienced and learned from hardships.
  2. Limitless Global Ambition – and a realistic strategy for achieving it.
  3. Commitment To Empowering Each Other – and an eagerness to become an active member of this community.
  4. Humble Background – Priority will be given to students with difficult financial backgrounds who meet all requirements.

Preparing to Apply

Review our website thoroughly and download the Honor Pledge, the Sample Application, and the Resume Template before you start the application. (APPLICATIONS CLOSED JANUARY 31, CHECK BACK IN NOVEMBER 2017.)

Important Information

The FGL Fellowship officially starts in July, when all newly selected FGL Fellows come together for an intensive 20-day leadership training focused on building strong bonds with one another through overcoming extreme challenges. This training is mandatory for all new FGL Fellows, as is good physical health. Learn more about our summer leadership training.