edwin dejesus

University: Columbia University
Major: Computer Science and Film Studies
Languages: Spanish
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Biography: I‘m Edwin DeJesus, a first year student at Columbia University and a Questbridge. I was born in Manhattan, raised in Queens, and trace my roots back to Puerto Rico and Italy. I've had several years of educational experience in all aspects of film production including directing, camera, sound, lighting, and editing. I hope to one day produce a world-changing documentary that helps push social change in underrepresented communities. I love the work that I do!

Other than independent short film-making, I've had many invaluable internship experiences that molded who I am today. My previous mentors range from television commercial producers to a Harvard fellow with a passion for data on hip hop lyrics. Working with these industry experts gave me the opportunity to produce real spec commercials for an ad agency and to develop creative visualizations from databases. My favorite professional experience was working as an Operations/Production intern at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. It was there that I was given the responsibility to organize networking events, concerts, and galleries for teen artists. The logistical planning and communication work that I've accomplished at the Apollo was more crucial to my growth than anything I could've learned in an academic setting. I continue to volunteer at the theater today as a Young Producers Club member, and am excited to announce that I will be hosting a film festival in 2018 for young, underrepresented filmmakers such as myself.

The organizational and leadership skills that I've developed in these positions have been applicable to many projects that I work on today. I recently won the Sustainable Development Competition for Industry Innovation at the 2016 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Regional Leadership Conference. I am also currently producing marketing videos for the rising student-run credit union on my campus, which will provide much more affordable rates to international and low-income students. Lastly, this summer I will be working on developing data visualizations at the financial firm Prudential!