DAvid dusabirane

University: Brown University
Major: Applied Mathematics & Economics
Languages: French, Kinyarwanda
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Biography: My name is David Dusabirane. I was born and raised in Rwanda. I am a first generation student at Brown University where I am particularly involved in African Student Association, swimming and soccer club. I have a keen interest in education, technology and economic empowerment, because I believe that there are crucial tools to use in order to provide peace and stability in any country or region. In particular, my interest in education spurred my journalistic related activities. I have used media platforms in Rwanda including newspapers, radio and TV to inform people about Government policies, technology, sciences and general knowledge. I look forward to learn much about my areas of interests, but also to be exposed to new field of studies over the next four years at college and beyond. After gaining practical experience and financial strength, I plan to invest in Education and Business sectors of my country in order to educate the next generation of leaders and create jobs respectively.